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Stephen played the part of a fake FBI Agent Norwood

In the movie "Blowback"Stephen plays the part of FBI agent, Norwood.

An anecdote from Stephen about Blowback
As per Stephen there is a scene in this movie where he is wearing a different jacket in the same scene. The way he explained it is that since movie scenes are not shot in sequence the standard proceedure is to make polaroid pics of the scenes so that the actors/actresses will not look different when they come back to work on a particular scene.
In the scene where they are on the rooftop of the building having a shootout , if you notice, Stephen is wearing two different suit jackets. This was a blooper since they didn't make a polaroid of that scene and therefore had him wearing a different wardrobe for the same scene shot at different times.

Some video clips

Clip 1 Stephen as agent Norwood
Clip 2

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