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Stephen Caffrey played a penny-loafered preppie on All My Children and wears army boots in CBS's Tour of Duty, but its with Longtime Companion that he puts his best foot forward.
"To be part of something where, just like in Tour of Duty, life and death circumstances are an everyday occurance is rare," says Caffrey, 28, about playing one of six gay men confronting AIDS.

The Cleveland-born Caffrey, who got his start playing Judas in Godspell road company, was acting long before his feet ever touched the stage. "We moved around a lot when I was a kid, he explains, "so I had to be chameleon-like."
Discovered while working with a Chicago theater group, he was cast as "All My Children's" murderous scion, Andrew Cortlandt, and was later nominated for a daytime Emmy Award. Caffrey left the soap in 1986 and spent a year unemployed ("and getting fat") before signing on to Tour of Duty (where he met his girlfriend). With a critically acclaimed series and motion picture to his credit Caffrey should be kicking up his heels. Instead, he dreams of the shoes he has yet to fill: " I used to live off the left field at Wrigley(Field)." My fantasy is to be a baseball pitcher".


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