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Tour of Duty

Stephen's most famous role was that of the young lieutenant, Myron Goldman, in the Vietnam War tv series which first aired on September 24th 1987. Stephen played the character of Lt. Goldman brilliantly and eventually directed an episode of the series, titled "War is a Contact Sport".

As per someone who worked as an extra with Stephen on the set of TOD (about his acting talent)"Steven was a one take wonder !" "

Read A1990 Interview with Stephen about Tour of Duty

To see a few video clips of Stephen as Lt. Goldman click on the links below.
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A discussion between Lt. & Doc Hock

A discussion between Lt. Goldman and Horn

Stephen at his best as Lt. Goldman

Another discussion between Lt.& Horn

Click HERE to hear an audio of Sgt. Anderson telling Lt.Goldman his thoughts of him when they first met

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This pic is of Stephen being coached by MSgt. Charles Pich, a military advisor to TOD during a shooting of a TOD episode.

*courtesy: Sandra_Holland

*courtesy: Tom Richards

*courtesy: Tom Richards

For lots more pics of Stephen as Lt. Goldman click on the links below.

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